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New Zealand's Fastest Motorcycle!
This is now New Zealand's Fastest Motorcycle down the 1/4 mile Drag Strip. It ran 7.9 Sec's. 
The Bike is owned by Hays Racing Ltd
Right: Ross finishing the Burnout with Doug keeping a watchful eye on proceedings.

The Team without which we just could not function
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"TEAM TALK" at the pits. We do this to keep each other up to speed on problems happening so we can sort them before anything happens. This bike can produce around 530 hp depending on fuel mix (up to 98% nitromethane) and weather so everything is on the ragged edge, one little mistake can cost 1000's.
Record Cert NZDRA. The certificate for the ET record, which is the fastest any bike (New Zealand owned or from Overseas) has ever gone in New Zealand. We now have the Speed record at 172.9 mph, but we did do a 177.9mph (285 kph) run. To put it into some sort of prospective that's, 0 to 285 KPH in 7.7 second over just 400 metre.
The certificate for the first ever record breaking 7 second pass.

The Bike

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The bike straight after a run, battery chargers on first thing, as it runs two ignition systems. If one fails the engine will blow, so we need lots of battery power.

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Barry Sproule 06/07 Season's Rider

Ross (last season's rider) & Doug (The Team Owner) with the 7 Second Award for the first New Zealand owned bike ever to run a 7 second pass


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